In the present lecture we shall discuss experiments and observation upon the pathological fashion of shaving pubic hair. The inquiry is one of particular interest, on account of the special attention devoted to our teachers’ fundamental problem:

for too many years they wasted their appetite licking stinging pussies, and feeling their big and voracious dicks tormented by scratching sharp spears; finally, in recent times, they realised that “the full bush is back“.

The au naturel look is a trend resurrected from the ’70s and, according to Instagram, “…women are becoming more comfortable discussing their body hair…” – our teachers hope that newly revived trend will last for another 30 years at least.

On the other hand, Razor company creates powerful campaign showing women with pubic hair, in order to nourish their corrupted and perverted cerebral cortex and make everybody believe that there is something ugly or inappropriate about that.

It has become possible to trace how, as a result of different injurious influences, in the last couple of decades, women have been induced to shave their pubic sacred hair, the beauty of the origin of life, the bush in which to dive in, while licking the bit of pink part surfacing from it, and sucking it like an oyster, before the total anal penetration.

Pubic hair is protective: it bars foreign bodies, bacteria, pathogens dirt and germs from entering the sensitive vaginal area. It can minimise the risk of various infections and prevent friction during sex and thus injuries.

All in all, pubic hair fulfils an important function for our body.

But most people remove it, whether by shaving, waxing or laser treatment, some with the excuse that they feel more comfortable, particularly when they have menstruation, other claiming that it is more clean this way, but the bottom line is that this is just a pathological fashion, started around a couple of decades ago or so.

Old passed over cunts excited to evil and seduced by confessors, posing like younger dolls, underage girls before puberty. And this maniacal fashion they passed to “men” too, because men also want to show their shaved “pussy” these days.

“A sample study of 1000 young Germans between the age of 20 and 35 by Neon Magazine found that 67% of the women involved removed all of their pubic hair off, and 33% shaved partially”.

“Of the men involved, 50% removed all their pubic hair and 39% partially. Shaving is still the most popular way to get rid of pubic hair”.

Pubic hair grows on and around our vulva, not the vagina and it has, it must have, different purpose:

It can indicate biological readiness for reproduction (in our case that does not count, we only suck dicks with mouth and anus, we’ll keep our virginity indefinitely and we do not give a fuck about reproduction, too many idiots are around already).

It promotes the retention of pheromones attracting sexual partners for possible conception (in our case it invite the sexual partners to dive in it, lick every single hair, suck the pink part emerging like an oyster and prepare us for the big anal sex party).

It protects the genital area from friction during exercise or sexual intercourse (licking a shaved pussy means scratching one’s lips and tongue against very hard and sharp newly growing stingers).

It helps maintain the optimal temperature in the pubic region when the weather is too hot or too cold (this hypothesis probably applies to those women in the african tribes, or to others that for different reason walk around without drawers).

Nature does not create anything superfluous, hence

A smart woman cuts her nails, does not poison them with nail varnish, does not spoil her figure with lousy tattoos or, worse, piercings and washes her hands before sticking her fingers in her vagina. Cutting nails is good. Cutting pubic hair is a mortal sin.

A good tailor would dress a beautiful hairy pussy with a pigiama made of tequila and saliva.

When spring come, we celebrate the pubic bush cultivating weigela, a deciduous shrub widely cultivated for its lovely red flowers.

A bit of real sweat invites a body to glide all over the host.  And if the host’s pubic area is hairy, the sliding is total, and not in theory.  Who wouldn’t want to lick all over, and over and over again, a glamorous sweaty, hairy & ready lady?

Hairy is beautiful: you can dive in it, drink all the juice, and then proceed for total anal penetration. It works, because the ass is as glorious as the pubic hair. The way we explore the area in the whole, shows we are very well ready for taking in in another hole. We are in for a long series of deep anal penetration sessions.

(Many Modest Webcam Girls are going back growing pubic hair too).

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Le puttane vergini esistono. Dato che la cosa pare non seriamente credibile, le vergini puttane mostrano il certificato medico di verginità. Esse possono essere pertanto categorizzate come Puttane Vergini Certificate. Possono fare pompini con la bocca e restare vergini. Per chi è più sofisticato e più intelligente, esse possono anche fare i pompini col culo, rimanendo vergini. Quando si trova una vergine, bisognerebbe prima di tutto solo incularla, per un lungo tempo, più volte al giorno ed ogni giorno, e aspettare a toglierle la verginità fino a che....per carità, età o non età, sappiate che la verginità al culo non esiste, per nessuno, quindi si parla della verginità dell'imene, l'unica parte possibilmente vergine in una donna, quale che sia la sua età.

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